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Welcome to Arctic Sapphire, a small in-home cattery located in Norway, just outside of Tromsø.


My boyfriend and I got our cattery name approved by FIFE in the spring of 2017. Our ragdolls have free access to the whole house, and so does our kittens when they are old enough<3 Arctic sapphires goal is to breed healthy, beautiful and well tempered ragdolls. Our ragolls should be well socialized, and meet the FIFE ragdoll standard.   


You can follow us on instagram: @arctic_sapphire


Our story


Our journey started in 2010 when I got my first ragdoll, NO* Killingberget Safir (we call him Lucifer). I fell in love with the breed, and so did Andreas when he met Lucifer. We later decided we wanted to become a host family and contacted NO*Glassrosens who we thought has the most beautiful ragdolls in Norway<3

The owners of Glassrosens, Berit, and Cecilie were kind enough to let one of their queens move to us, Tribeca (Arya at home). Tribecas first litter with us consisted of 6 adorable kittens who we named after great scientists. One of the kittens was Lise Meitner, a lovely little girl with huge blue eyes<3 We could not let this little girl move from us, so we decided to be host family for her as well. Having kittens and helping to develop this breed is something we enjoy a lot! 

Arya had her second litter in 2016, the doctor who litter. She got transferred to us after this litter, and she was the first queen in the  Arctic Sapphire cattery<3  

We would probably not be a cattery without Berit and Cecilie, they have helped us so much! I have learned a lot, though still has a lot left to learn. I am so thankful for these two wonderful ladies!



As previously mentioned, our first ragdoll, Lucifer, is originally named Safir. Safir is the Norwegian word for sapphire. We thought we should have a name that includes Lucifer as he means a lot to us. The other part of the name, Arctic, relates to the fact that I am from the northern part of Norway. It also relates to us being at Svalbard while discussing the cattery-name :D 








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