NO*Arctic Sapphire Nikola Tesla

RAG n 03 21 

Genotype Aa B- Dd

 Born March 1st, 2020


Not from PG-lines


Tesla 7 weeks (8)


We decided to keep this wonderful boy from Valentina's last litter. It is very important for us to keep this Tabby-line<3 Tesla has a great type, and a good profile, he is very promising. It also looks like he has inherited his father's amazing eye color. We can't wait to see what this boy will give us in the future!

Tesla will be co-owned with the cattery NO*Glassrosens and will live with them<3





A6C9B1F0-9070-4401-8960-2F9570504916 1     DSC_0356

 NO*Glassrosens Valentina Teresjkova                             Let it Snow Supurrsonic*PL