Our story


Our journey started in 2010 when I got my first ragdoll, NO* Killingberget Safir (we call him Lucifer). I fell in love with the breed, and so did Andreas when he met Lucifer. We later decided we wanted to become a host family and contacted NO*Glassrosens who we thought has the most beautiful ragdolls in Norway<3

The owners of Glassrosens, Berit, and Cecilie were kind enough to let one of their queens move to us, Tribeca (Arya at home). Tribeca's first litter with us consisted of 6 adorable kittens who we named after great scientists. One of the kittens was Lise Meitner, a lovely little girl with huge blue eyes<3 We could not let this little girl move from us, so we decided to be a host family for her as well. Having kittens and helping to develop this breed is something we enjoy a lot! 

Arya had her second litter in 2016, the doctor who litter. She got transferred to us after this litter, and she was the first queen in the  Arctic Sapphire cattery<3  

We would probably not be a cattery without Berit and Cecilie, they have helped us so much! I have learned a lot, though still have a lot left to learn. I am so thankful for these two wonderful ladies!



As previously mentioned, our first ragdoll, Lucifer, is originally named Safir. Safir is the Norwegian word for a sapphire. We thought we should have a name that includes Lucifer as he means a lot to us. The other part of the name, Arctic, relates to the fact that I am from the northern part of Norway. It also relates to us being at Svalbard while discussing the cattery-name :D