CH NO*Arctic Sapphire Sansa Stark


RAG n 03

Genotype aa B- D-

 Born August 11th, 2017


Not from PG-lines


08 (10)

Our beautiful Sansa<3 She is absolutely perfect, and just what I was hoping for in Tribeca's last litter. She has a long body and legs, with lovely, silky fur. It looks like she is going to be a big girl, she is already (at 8 months old) bigger than both Lisa and Tribeca! Her profile and bicolor markings are just the way we like them, and her eyes have a very beautiful shade of blue. She is so promising, and it's so fun to start our cattery with such a lovely girl<3




19576189_10209861225548613_788271815_n 20226453_10158947476640548_1280322935_o

  NO*Glassrosens Don't Stop Me Now                               NO*Glassrosens Tribeca


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20180322_174103915_iOSSansa 14 uker-520180110_185803138_iOS12.11 (268)12.11 (267)
12.11 (262)Sansa 14 uker-320180325_114335827_iOS12.11 (254)20180311_150109675_iOS