NO*Arctic Sapphire Dior


RAG n 03

Genotype aa B- Dd

 Born May 31st, 2019


Not from PG-lines





Queen Dior<3 Our keeper from Valentina and Damian! She was one of the biggest kittens in her litter and was very promising already when she was just a few weeks old. She has a wonderful temper and loves to cuddle. She has a lovely expression and a beautiful shade of blue on her eyes. Dior has a great profile, and it looks like she will get a nice broadness as well.

Her coat is amazingly silky and at the same time just the right amount of fluffiness. Her coat is perfectly marked, and she has a sweet little white spot on her back<3

We are cant wait to see how she will develop, and what she might bring to the cattery!





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NO*Glassrosens Valentina Teresjkova                        NO*Raggedly Yours Damian