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Welcome to Arctic Sapphire, a small in-home cattery located in Norway, just outside of Tromsø. We also have a department in the south of Norway, run by a dear friend of mine.


My boyfriend and I got our cattery name approved by FIFE in the spring of 2017. Liss-Hege joined the cattery in 2019 and runs Arctic Sapphire in the south. We love working together and Liss is exceptional when it comes to the socialization of animals.


Our ragdolls have free access to the whole house and are often out for walks on a leash. They are even with us on hiking-trips during the summer.

Arctic sapphire's goal is to breed healthy, beautiful, and well-tempered ragdolls. We work hard with the socialization of our kittens, and having them grow up in the middle of the living room makes this part easier. They are free to roam the rest of the house when they are old enough. We always handle the kittens a lot from an early age. Kittens from us have been exposed to a lot of cuddling, handling, claw-manicure as well as trips in cars. We also try to have both children and dogs visiting.


Our goal is to do genetic testing on all our breeders. We use MyCatDNA as is gives us so much information, including genetic diseases and genetic diversity. Through this information, we can decide which combinations we should do to get the best genetic diversity in the kittens.



You can follow us on Instagram: @arctic_sapphire and no_arctic_sapphire_viken







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